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Posted By: wp-admin | November 3, 2015

Spears Photo Contest

The Sales Department is sponsoring a photo contest. The prize is a $25 Visa Gift Card. Many of you have heard our advertising on the radio or TV lately. Our company is growing and beginning to move into new markets. This is an advantage to all our employees. As we become more diversified more loads are created for the drivers and revenue for the company. When the company earns more revenue it promotes better driver pay and buys new equipment.

The Sales Department needs you, the drivers and employees, to help promote Spears Transfer & Expediting to these new markets. What they need is pictures. We need to show in our advertising and social media post who we are and where we go. We could hire a photographer to take pictures of our trucks and personnel for our advertising needs, or we can give our potential customers a bird’s eye view of us from our employees view.

Photo’s Needed:

Pictures of our trucks in front of landmarks.

Our trucks cover a lot of territory and we pass many landmarks people know. The big ones like the St. Louis arch or the New York skyline would make great picture but smaller landmarks like fountains in small towns make great pictures also.

Pictures of our trucks in customers docks.

These make great pictures and show our potential new customers the places we pick up and deliver to. Make sure you get the spears logo on the doors in these pictures. A photo of the nose of the truck doesn’t really show our name.

Pictures of our employees working.

There is more to our company than just trucks. The ladies and men that driver our trucks or the people who keep them running for us are nice shots also. If you get a good shot of one of employees doing a task take it!

Some special shots we are looking for:

  • Our truck in front of an oil well, fracking equipment, or other oil and gas related industry.
  • Our trucks in front of Aero Space industries
  • Our trucks in front of  Medical supply businesses


1) Contest is open to all employees of Spears Transfer & Expediting.

2) You may submit up to 5 photos per month. E-mail them to They will be saved and coded as your entries.

3) The contest runs for the next two months November and December 2015 and ends December 31, 2015.

4) Your entries will be posted on our Facebook page as they come in.

5) The photo entries with the most likes at the end of the contest is the winner. You are encouraged to get your friends and family to like your photo. Share the post on your timeline and ask your friends to like photo. Ask your friends to share it on their timeline and get even more votes.

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